"For the Lover's of a Classic Motor Yacht, The Pilgrim 40, has won many hearts. This fine Canadian vessel was first created by H. (Ted) Gozzard, the designer, on a place mat in a Peterborough, Ontario restaurant. The concept was created for a friend, as an ideal boat to use on the Canal and Inter-coastal waterways for nothing more than by going slow and a sight seeing vessel for two, with occasional guests.

The boats themselves were created and built at North Castle Marine Ltd in Goderich Ontario in the year 1982, and just fewer than 50 were built in total. The boat was marketed by "Pilgrim Marine Sales, of Toronto Ontario, and when this firm decided to build another boat in Mexico namely the "Pilgrim Live-Aboard Yacht …PLAY 43 (also designed by H. Ted Gozzard) the 'Older model, being the "Pilgrim 40" was put aside and no further vessels were constructed after the PLAY 43 was being built in Mexico. Four PLAY 43 yachts were built in total, none of which having had any association with North Castle Marine Ltd of Canada." (1)

The Pilgrim line of boats were sold by Gary Ferguson's Pilgrim Marine Sales Inc. out of Toronto, Canada.

Forty one Pilgrim 40's were built by North Castle Marine between 1983 and 1989. While the hull numbers range from 1 to 45, hull numbers 3,4,7 and 25 were never used (built).

Ted Gozzard (1933 - 2014), the designer of the Pilgrim line of boats


Click on the link below to watch a 22 minute interview with H. Ted Gozzard, Fall 2013
The discussion concerning the Pilgrim begins about 15 minutes in.

The Gozzard North Castle Marine Facility


H. Ted Gozzard and his family have been in the boat building business since 1970, starting out in Bayfield, Ontario with the opening of Bayfield Boat Yard Ltd. Many of the original Bayfield boats are in use today and have garnered a loyal following around the world. In the family alone there is almost 100 years of yacht-building experience.

H. Ted Gozzard sold his interest in Bayfield in July of 1981 and shortly thereafter, in February of 1982, North Castle Marine Ltd./Gozzard Yachts in Goderich, Ontario was founded. At North Castle Marine Ltd/Gozzard Yachts, the well-known Motor Yacht - Pilgrim 40 - was designed and built, with the beautiful line of sailing yachts now known as Gozzard Yachts soon following. Today, Gozzard Yachts can be found in 31', 36', 37', 41' and 44' designs.

In 1983 H. Ted Gozzard's two sons joined the Company. Mike, the eldest, plays an active role in all aspects of the Company as the Production Manager. Wes began as the Company's upholsterer extraordinaire and now commissions and delivers boats. Mike's wife Elizabeth (Liz) holds the position of Purchase Manager. Young Robin, son of Mike and Liz, works with the rest of the family during the summer holidays. Gozzard Yachts is truly a family-run Company.

As the Company continues to grow, our dealers join us in the enthusiasm of building semi-custom yachts for those special people with a passion for sailing. Gozzard Yachts are designed for exacting people with a focus on details. Our Yachts are built with the finest materials available and careful considerations are made when construction begins to give our Yachts a personal touch that reflects the needs of each individual. We are constantly in contact with the dealer/customer at any or all stages of construction as we understand the importance of owner involvement in the building process.

We welcome visitors to our facilities at any time. If you are planning to visit the Goderich area, please call us to arrange for a Company tour. Come and see for yourself the excellent craftsmanship that sets Gozzard Yachts apart, in a class of its own. Feel and touch the quality that people around the world are talking about.

We make good boats.

The Gozzard Group.


(1) From the Gozzard Yachts website

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