Hull 18 Traveling Star
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Hull ID:ZKR40018C585
Owner Bought Sold Boat's Name Home Port
John Allison 2009 Traveling Star Kemah, TX
Greg Berwick Reverie Port Arthur
1985 Tivoli

About the Owners

About the Boat (History)
It was destined to be
I grew up sailing on Lake Sabine in Port Arthur, Texas. I first saw hull #18, “REVERIE” at Port Arthur Yacht Club several years before I became the owner. I remember seeing this real interesting boat and calling Admiral Hun, my wife Peggy over to look at it. The owners were not aboard so we had a limited view of the outside of the boat.
Fast forward 3 years and I receive a call from my past employer babbling about some cool boat he bought for salvage post hurricane IKE. He described the boat and told me that the boat had washed ashore and not sank and only took on rainwater through a hole in the port stern portion of the cabin side where a piling had come through. He had bought the boat for salvage and paid to have it put back in the water. He told me that after they had put it back in the water they just started it up and motored it to a safe mooring. When he was describing the boat to me I remembered it well. He told me that his plan was to do some repair and sell it for a big profit. I told him that I would save him all that trouble of repairs and double his money with no repairs. Admiral Hun and I went to Port Arthur to look at the boat. When she saw the boat lying along the dock in a state of total disrepair she refused to go aboard. The owner gave me the grand tour while Admiral Hun resisting all along. After about three hours of sitting in the truck she decided that I might not be coming back and came looking for me. Coming aboard is all it took to convince her that we had a diamond on the rough. Several weeks later we sealed the deal and hull #18 “REVERIE” was all ours. We bought the boat “as is where is”. We spent the following weekends driving back and forth to Port Arthur getting her in seaworthy enough shape to make the 3 day voyage west. The main engine only had 950 hours and the generator (not operable) only had 350 hours of use on it. “REVERIE” performed well on our New Years 2009 trip home.


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