Hull 38 Marabob
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Hull ID: ZKR40038A888
David Read December 2018 Sold Chickadee Northern Ontario, Canada
Robert Bruneman August 1998 Marabob Longboat Key, FL
Charles Pollard 1994 August 1998 Luv
David & J. Columpus 1988 1994 The Babe

About the Owners
First Owner:
My husband, David Columpus, and I purchased hull #38 in 1988. She was trucked
to San Diego, CA from Goderich, Ontario, Canada and she was launched and
commisioned by Gary Ferguson. We named her "The Babe" and lived aboard at
Silver Gate Yacht Club on Shelter Island in San Diego until we sold her in 1994.
We had great times on her and much fun.

David passed away in 2009, but I am living in Eugene, Oregon…and no boat (Yahoo Group, 4/28/2010)

About the Boat (History)


Mechanical and Engine Details





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