Hull 9 Grand Ole Gal
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Hull ID: ZBV4009M84G
Owner Bought Sold Boat's Name Home Port
David Searcy 3/2015 Grand Ole Gal Warsaw, KY
Barbara Viviani 2013 3/2015 Grand Ole Gal Guilford, CT
Rick & Julie Burdick 2013 Clarion Arcadia, MI
Verne Garlick 9/1997 Clarion
Yves Tessier 10/1993 9/1997 Clarion
Charles McAlear 1984 10/1993 Clarion

About the Owners

About the Boat (History)
I purchased Clarion from Charles McAlear in Oct. 1993.
Modifications consisted of adding a flying bridge and completely refurbished the boat prior to selling it to Verne Garlick in Sep. 1997.
At that time I was retired and living on the Ottawa River in the Prov. of Quebec. and had all the facilities to repair boats.
We have since then moved to Ontario.
Yves Tessier 11/2018


Mechanical and Engine Details





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